Juice N' Berries

Providing the hydration your thirsty hair needs

Hydrate, Heal, Revive, Grow
Juices N' Berries provides the natural hydration your hair needs to create the juicy curls you want
Project Details
Project Type
Visual Brand Identity + Packaging Design + Product Renderings + Website Design


Juices N' Berries

Connibee Designs

Sole Designer
My role was to utilize an existing logo and build out the overall brands visual aesthetic for Juices N' Berries. I was also tasked with developing the packaging design for this new line of hair care products, working with the printer to provide print ready files and procure labels, creating product renderings and graphics for the website, and finally design and development of the website.

Established the visual aesthetic by providing a fresh, natural, and modern
 look that can be seen through the color palette and use of leaves and berries.  The visual aesthetic extends to the packaging design, social media, photography, and website visuals.
Mood Board and Color Palette
Mood Board
Packaging Design + Renderings

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