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Project Details
Project Type
Visual Brand Identity + Landing Page Design

Gideon James Consulting

Connibee Designs - Freelance Designer

Sole Designer
Gideon James Consulting was missing an integral part to start establishing their brand.  They lacked a visual identity and online presence to start building brand recognition and share what impact they can have in the lives of busy entrepreneurs.

My role was to develop a visual identity that would start building brand recognition, as well as start bringing attention to the company.  Also, the strategy was to develop tools to help the brand maintain a consistent look throughout all visual branding and marketing efforts.  We later developed a landing page in preparation to launch to educate entrepreneurs on the services available, collect email addresses, and built an online scheduler to allow new and existing client scheduling.​​​​​​​
The Look + Feel
Mood Board + Color
Visual Identity
Responsive Logo Design
Web Design
Landing Page + Scheduler
Lessons Learned
This project provided an opportunity to learn how best to develop a layout for the scheduler and provide simple and clear direction for the user to sign-up.  The scheduler also allowed the client to save time by directing potential and existing clients to the website to sign up, which automatically added events to the calendar and blocked out time.
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