Gyrl Wonder

Inspiring Young Girls

Inspiring Young Girls
Gyrl Wonder acts as a catalyst, giving rise to ambitious girls and young women between the ages of 16-21. We provide and cultivate resources while teaching our girls how to leverage those tools to facilitate their personal and professional goals. The program targets forward thinking young women seeking to identify and explore their purpose through mentorship and objective alignment. Young women are the vehicles of hope for our futures and it is up to us to ensure that our Gyrls are certain of what they can accomplish individually and collectively and that every dream can be conquered.
Project Details
Project Type
Digital Content Creation for Gyrl Wonder

Tola Lawal + Gyrl Wonder

Connibee Designs

Freelance Designer
My role was to research, design, and develop the visual aesthetic for future digital content to be shared through social media and other marketing platforms to gain visibility and build awareness to the brand.  I was also tasked with redesigning the Gyrl Wonder Leadership Academy Application Page.  We continue to work together to maintain a cohesive aesthetic through all marketing.

After completing a analysis of similar non-profit organizations that cater to youth mentoring and female empowerment, we refined a fun and playful visual style that maintained the brands existing visual theme.  I designed custom social media templates in Adobe Illustrator and then delivered them to the client via Canva for quick updates on their end.  The mockup for the website was designed in Photoshop and implemented in Squarespace.
Social Media Template Designs
Custom Social Media Post Design
Lessons Learned
This opportunity allowed me to developed a process for creating templates and delivering them to the client via a platform they were comfortable using.  The website design provided a challenge as I attempted to implement a design outside of the themes capabilities, and seeking to not modify the existing site, could not switch to developer mode.  I made adjustments as needed to be able to deliver the page on time.​​​​​​​

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