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Accelerating and investing in all shades of genius

Impact Ventures believes in the value of leveraging the genius of all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class. Their mission is to eliminate the social and economic barriers for underestimated Women and Entrepreneurs of Color building high-growth businesses and social enterprises that create sustainable, inclusive and equitable local economies.
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Visual Brand Identity + Print Design


Impact Ventures

Connibee Designs

Volunteer Lead Designer
My role was to establish the overall visual aesthetic for all future visual branding and marketing efforts.  Also, I provided design services for print media, as well as services and consulting on digital designs.

Established the visual brand style guide by providing usage standards for existing logos, selecting primary and secondary color palettes, typography combinations, and imagery to be used consistently throughout the brand.  Delivered a brand style guide and designed print collateral for the launch of the first cohort.
Brand Style Guide
Accelerator Welcome Packet
Mentor Welcome Packet

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