Vouch Dating App

Dating With Your Closest Friends and Family

​​​​​​​Client: Vouch Dating App - CEO Christiana Yebra

Overview: Vouch dating app brings a unique experience to dating by involving your trusted friends and family to swipe with you. Dating apps are wildly popular but the chances of finding love on an app are still slim. Singles are wasting time endlessly swiping and going on meaningless dates. Vouch eliminates these by allowing your friends to write their own bios about you (Vouches) and help you find the best matches by swiping for who they (your Vouchers) think would be a good fit for you! Additionally, you and your Vouchers can chat on the app about date ideas and approve potential matches. (source: https://www.tryvouchapp.com/blog/howtousevouch)

Problem: Want to create organic reach with target audience through social media. After gaining traction with the audience, but not gaining the desired download rates, it was established that users did not clearly understand how Vouch worked.

Solution: Develop a landing page that provides clarity on how one can use Vouch for dating online, as well as incorporate the experience of dating with trusted friends and family.  All marketing and social media posts will direct potential users to the landing page to learn more. I designed and developed the custom landing page on Squarespace.​​​​​​​
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