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Epic Fab Girl
Is home for ambitious women who desire to go after their dreams and lead remarkable lives. They empower women to strategically pursue their life’s purpose without fear. Each woman has a specific purpose, and their goal is to empower her to discover and pursue it flawlessly. They provide guidance on purpose discovery, and focus on perfecting self-image so that every woman can be equipped to take on her life’s destiny!
Project Details
Project Type
Digital Content Creation for Epic Fab Girl and Go-Getter Conference

Candace Junee + Epic Fab Girl

Connibee Designs

Freelance Designer
My role was to design a set of on brand templates for the Go-Getter Conference, as well as a set of templates for Epic Fab Girl's Instagram page.  The templates were to be shared through social media to share moments of the Go-Getter Conference to help gain visibility and build awareness to the event.

After reviewing their brand standards and analyzing their current visual aesthetic on social media, I was a ablel to develop a set of templates for their use before and after the conference. The custom designed social media templates were created in Adobe Illustrator and then delivered to the client via Canva for quick updates on their end. 
Lessons Learned
This opportunity allowed me to further develop my process for creating templates and delivering them to the client via a platform they were comfortable using.

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